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Lyndon Lightning Cheer FAQ


Lyndon Lightning Cheer is a proud partner of the Louisville Warriors 

Competitive Cheer (LWC) program and has collaborated with LWC to provide 

a more relaxed environment, while learning basic tumbling and the

fundamentals of cheer.

Cheer Coordinator and Age Groups (Age as of May 1st)
Antionette Humphreys


Mighty Mites (5-7)    
Pee Wee (8-9)    

Juniors    (10-11)


The vast majority of our player fees are spent on uniforms and basic cheer equipment, included in registration fee:

  • Uniforms

  • Pom poms

  • Raincoats

  • Insurance

Recommended add-on Cheer Package, NOT included with registration fee:

  • Practice Pack (2 pr.shorts/ 2 tops) 

  • Shoes

  • Homecoming socks

  • Bows

  • Spankies/Shorts

  • Backpack 

  • Warm-ups


Fees include –
Registration Fee                             $ 150 

Recommended Cheer Package   $ 155

Cheer Training Opportunities?

  • Lyndon Lightning/Louisville Warrior hosted Cheer Clinic at Kentucky Cheer Center (pictured above)  All perspective cheer team members are highly encouraged to attend!

  • Throughout the month of April, May & June, KCC offers basic cheer class that meets every Tuesday for an hour, from 6-7pm, lead by their staff.  Tumbling classes are recommended, but not required. All tumbling classes are hosted at Kentucky Cheerleading Center (KCC). Classes can range from $60-$80 a month. 


When does practice start?
July 17th is the first official date of practice.  

We are governed by the Louisville Youth Football League (26 clusters around the region) and all follow the same practice, game schedules.


Practice Date/Time? Game schedule?

  • Start date July 17th, time TBD.

  • Games begin with our pre-season Jamboree, Aug 3rd and continue through Championship games on October 26th/27th.


Games are traditionally played on Saturday Mornings:
Mighty Mites: 10 am
PeeWee: 11:30 am
Juniors: 1pm

**Depending on numbers, cheer leaders will cheer by age group, or if teams are limited, on a rotating basis per week. 

**There are also certain games that could move due to weather or schedule conflicts for referees.  


Safety at Games:

The safety of our staff, kids and fans is very important to us. Each game is required to have a police/peace officer on site during all games. We also observe a "Zero Tolerance" rule against all disruptive behavior at our games and events.

Are Parents allowed to coach?
We always welcome parent participation.  Lyndon Lightning Football & Cheer has a Football Committee that meets with any incoming parents that may have an interest in coaching or serving as committee members or assist with the program.  Ultimate Coaching decisions are made by the President and Vice President of Football Operations and Cheer Coordinator.




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